Paul Boer Putter is a professional photographer based in Cape Town. He has a passion for photography in natural light.
Dani Diamond is an educator and writing professional, with more than 8 years experience in marketing and copywriting. Dani graduated in 2009 with a Bachelor’s degree in Education majoring in English and has taught & lectured in over 10 schools cross the globe. Her writing has been published in many international print magazines, books, catalogues and featured on multiple websites and articles online. She has also edited e-books. Dani pursued her passion for the arts honing her social media and marketing skills within the arts & culture arena. The former art gallery owner and entrepreneur now manages the PR, content creation and marketing for some of South Africa’s top creative brands and personalities including Haldane Martin - iconic design and Graham Ward of Ward-wide-music. Fascinated with ideas beyond Art itself, Dani continues to spearhead projects in the arenas of arts & culture in South Africa. She is Passionate about the exploration of thought and considering the role of art in other facets of our lives like social justice and educational policies. “People who’re willing to engage with concepts & ideas that might conflict with their own understanding are able to learn, collaborate & draw conclusions with a more inclusive, holistic mindset. Creative thinking and collaboration are the road map to future innovation” – Dani Diamond
Christian is a Cape Town based Photographer and Architect at SAOTA. He has worked on major award winning architectural projects nationally and internationally, and he is passionate about light, space and composition.
Nikita Ingle is a qualified makeup artist with extensive experience in the film and music video industries. She has a passion for the strange and fabulous, but can also produce immaculate natural looking makeup.
"A good photograph is knowing where to stand". - Ansel Adams

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